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Over 20 years of electrical contracting.

Fully licenced and Insurance-stacked professional service.

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Over 20 years of electrical contracting.

A Fully licenced and Insurance-stacked professional service.

A Friendly and helpful team who put you, your property and your family first.

An affordable and efficient service.


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Tragically, in Australia, housefires kill more people than all other natural hazards combined.
These fires have a typical pattern:

They occur at night.

They occur during the winter.

They are often preventable.


To combat this issue, the QLD government has introduced new smoke alarm laws.

Interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms must be installed in every bedroom, hallway and on every level of your home. If one of these smoke alarms is disturbed, the whole chain of alarms will sound, waking everyone up in the house and drastically improving safety.

These alarms have become mandatory as of January 1st, 2022 and you can be fined for not updating the safety requirements of your property.


With extensive experience working with safety and emergency systems as a contractor, I can help you transition your home to fulfil these new requirements in an effective and affordable way.
I can provide:

Fully compliant smoke alarms from Australian based suppliers

10 year warranty - Built to last

Switchboard check with installation - When is the last time your switchboard was checked?

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Smoke Alarm

In Queensland, smoke alarm inspection and smoke alarm compliance is critical for property safety. Regular smoke alarm inspection is mandatory. Compliance involves adhering to specific regulations regarding smoke alarm installation locations, maintenance, and testing frequency.

Smoke Alarm

In compliance with Queensland law,
it is essential to engage a certified smoke alarm expert for smoke alarm installation and maintenance. At the Smoke Alarm Sparky we offer comprehensive smoke alarm packages tailored to meet legal requirements and ensure optimal safety.

Smoke Alarm

Smoke alarm maintenance is essential in Queensland to comply with state laws. Property owners are responsible for smoke alarm maintenance and testing to ensure that the smoke alarms are in working condition. Units must be replaced every 10 years to ensure compliance & enhance fire safety.

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